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Classic Intros

Randomly introduce members in the same team to each other to increase the overall connectedness and engagement of your employees.

yuccaHR classic intros

Cross-Department Intros

Strengthen social bonds between different departments or teams to increase collaboration, productivity and knowledge sharing. Especially if two teams are working towards the same goal or on the same product, those bonds cannot be strong enough.

yuccaHR cross-department intros

Scavenger Hunts

Let new members in the team go on a scavenger hunt in the office and connect with team members to find the right answer. Via multiple choice buttons the member can provide feedback to see if she got it.

yuccaHR scavenger hunt

New Hire Intros

Introduce new hires in your organization to existing employees. Not only will these new hires become more engaged - reducing no-show and turnover rates - this also transfers company culture and ensures the long-term success of your organization.

yuccaHR new hire intros

Automated Workflows

Digitalize, transform and scale your employee onboarding process with automated workflows. And most importantly, make your new hires feel welcome in your organization, before they start their new job.

yuccaHR onboarding workflow
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