How Diamant Software fosters personal exchange and corporate culture — in hybrid work — with yuccaHR
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Diamant Software is a provider of accounting and controlling software for small and medium-sized enterprises, corporations, associations, and organizations. Since 1980, Diamant Software has been on the market and offers — with over 300 employees — innovative solutions for businesses. Diamant Software was, among other things, the first company to bring financial accounting to the cloud and is at the forefront of anchoring automation and AI in accounting. Over 40,000 users rely on Diamant Software's high-quality software solutions.
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As a hybrid company, Diamant Software uses yuccaHR for internal employee networking to maintain personal exchange and corporate culture, regardless of the location of its employees. You can learn about the successful implementation at Diamant Software and the experiences of its employees in this success story.

The problem & goals

Working remotely lack of exchange among employees

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Diamant Software, like many other companies, has become a hybrid company. During the lockdown, Diamant Software was forced to send its employees to work from home. This was a major challenge for many employees who had to stare at their screens alone at home for months without regular contact with their colleagues.

Even after the flattening of the COVID-19 pandemic, Diamant Software has adapted to the new work world. Many employees work from home more often and are therefore not present in the office every day. About 25% of Diamant Software's employees work on-site each week, but all employees visit the company regularly, although not weekly.

Although working remotely and the switch to hybrid work was a positive change for many Diamant Software employees, HR managers and employees are now facing new challenges that did not exist before.

We spoke with Nina Tolke and Jacqueline Schiemann from the HR department about these new challenges. "Since switching to our hybrid work model, and especially during the COVID-19 period when we worked completely remotely, we eventually reached a point where we weren't meeting in person anymore. We hardly ever met in person." Nina

This raised the question of how Diamant Software can cover the informal coffee conversations that used to take place at the coffee machine or when passing each other in the hallway in the remote work world as well. For Diamant Software, personal exchange and the resulting social relationships within the organization are essential to the company's success. "We therefore asked ourselves how we can maintain the culture that characterizes us and the strong personal relationships that go with it. That's where yuccaHR comes in." — Nina

Positive changes

Personal interaction completely independent of location

Even during the pandemic, Diamant Software experienced an increase in new employees. Unfortunately, new hires were forced to work completely remotely from the beginning. For many employees, it was therefore difficult to integrate socially and culturally into the new company.

Nina and Jacqueline tell a nice example of how yuccaHR helped new employees of Diamant Software with this challenge: “A colleague of ours lived in Berlin when he started with us. For him, it was very difficult to get to know other colleagues from the team and the other departments. He told us that yuccaHR helped him a lot to network at Diamant Software. He thinks it's great that we use it internally."

Another example especially touched Nina: "A colleague told me that she felt very lonely due to working from home and the lack of contact with her colleagues. She told me that yuccaHR helped her maintain social contact with her colleagues even in the remote setting. She also found the automatic scheduling and registration of yuccaHR to be very nice. This way, she can participate directly in the appointment and does not have to overcome any barriers to pick up the phone."

Other teams also want to participate

The latest example that Nina told us shows that yuccaHR is not only being introduced into the company from an HR perspective, but employees who also want to participate in the campaigns actively approach HR personnel. "Recently, a few colleagues came to me and said that they want to improve their team culture and get to know each other better. They asked me if we couldn't create a campaign for them too." — Nina.

This nice example shows that yuccaHR is not only perceived as a great help and workload reduction for personnel management, but employees themselves show a strong interest in networking.

Interdepartmental networking

For Diamant Software, it is precisely the interdepartmental networking that offers great added value for the company and all employees. Different departments at Diamant Software have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other experts from various areas and get to know the entire company better through the use of yuccaHR. Even though professional exchange can play an important role here, the personal conversations on an informal level are exactly what makes these networking opportunities for Diamant Software."

Even if we were on-site every day, we wouldn't have the opportunity to regularly talk to colleagues from other departments. You don't usually bump into each other so quickly. That's why we think it's great that we can also regularly speak to colleagues from other departments with yuccaHR, even if it's only for 15 minutes." — Jacqueline

Simple yet versatile use of the software

"We use yuccaHR quite extensively at Diamant Software. For example, we have a large campaign running where the entire company can participate. But we also set up campaigns for individual teams and actively use the 'Meet the Team' feature of yuccaHR to integrate our new Diamonds into the company. We adapt the campaigns to the season to make the whole thing a bit more lively. We also bring in several questions to increase engagement." — Jacqueline.

For Diamant Software, yuccaHR is a simple tool for the effective, automatic networking of their employees. Nina and Jacqueline both emphasize that creating new campaigns and monitoring existing campaigns is very manageable and uncomplicated. "Creating networking campaigns with yuccaHR is something that everyone can integrate into their daily lives. We have little effort in networking our employees since all campaigns are 100% automated. The tool is innovative, intuitive, and very user-friendly. In our opinion, yuccaHR is


Diamant Software aims to maintain personal exchange and a strong corporate culture, which is precisely what they achieve with yuccaHR. As a hybrid company, Diamant Software faced a significant challenge in determining how to overcome new obstacles. Since the implementation and active use of yuccaHR, Diamant Software has successfully connected its employees and brought the entire company closer together. The positive experiences of individual employees demonstrate that yuccaHR creates real added value for the entire workforce.

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