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Smart, automated connections

Say goodbye to manual communication and hello to efficient, seamless collaboration. Join the ranks of top companies who rely on our software to connect their employees and drive success.

Virtual coffee program
Facilitate communication and build relationships between employees, similar to how people connect in the office.
New hire integration
Help new hires feel welcomed and connected to their colleagues and the company culture.
Peer-learning & mentoring
Foster a culture of continuous learning within the organization in which employees learn from and share knowledge with each other.
Meet the CEO
Engage employees and make them feel valued and recognized by the organization and create a positive and inclusive company culture.
Back to the office
Provide employees with opportunities to learn from and engage with their colleagues, and facilitate face-to-face collaboration and communication.
Post-merger integration
Help employees to get to know each other, understand each other's roles and responsibilities, and build relationships that support teamwork and cooperation.
Why yuccahr

Measurable impact

Retaining top talent is a top challenge for most organizations in today’s fast-changing business environment. Therefore, employee engagement is key to building a successful business.

71% of executives say that employee engagement is critical to their company's success.
Employee engagement reduces absenteeism. In fact, highly engaged workplaces have up to 41% lower absenteeism.
Companies with a highly engaged workforce are 21% more profitable. And a good company culture can increase revenue by up to 4X.

Loved by industry leaders

Rüdiger Schaar
Partner - Dr. Ganteführer, Marquardt & Partner mbB
"We regularly use yuccaHR for coffee dates. This not only focuses on professional exchange, but also on social exchange within the team. In our opinion, this is essential for the general well-being and engagement of our employees."
Susanne Stöcker
Corporate Communication Representative - GESOBAU AG
"The feedback from colleagues who have participated in the coffee roulette has been consistently positive. Many have reported meeting colleagues who they did not or hardly knew before. The format is also very well received across hierarchies, prejudices were dismantled and fears taken away. From time to time, more colleagues participate in the coffee roulette, which shows us that some who were ambivalent towards the format at the beginning have developed a more open attitude towards it."
Nina Tölke
HR Representative - Diamant Software GmbH
"At Diamant Software, we value personal relationships between customers and employees. With Corona, we faced the question: how do we do this remotely now? Thanks to yuccaHR, we quickly found a solution to continue scheduling regular meetings, even informal ones, and stay in touch. yuccaHR helps us stay connected in the hybrid work world, regardless of location!"
Microsoft 365

Seamless integration

Integrate yuccaHR right in the environment you're used to.

Microsoft Teams

The integration of yuccaHR in Microsoft Teams offers you and your people an intuitive approach for creating social connections and stimulate casual conversations.

Microsoft 365

By integrating in Outlook, Sharepoint and other M365 apps, yuccaHR is right in the environment where you and your people get work done, that way you do not have to switch between apps or environments.


How does yuccaHR work?

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  • What happens when I add yuccaHR to Microsoft Teams?
  • First, click on the Add to Teams button, this will take you to sign in through Microsoft Teams. The sign-up process will also ask you to give yuccaHR permissions to access Microsoft Teams. (Don't worry, yuccaHR won't message anyone!)
  • Will adding yuccaHR trigger an announcement or notifications to my company?
  • No, when you add yuccaHR to Teams, no other members will see yuccaHR until you add yuccaHR to an existing team, only then will yuccaHR introduce itself.
  • Can I use yuccaHR for free?
  • Yes, yuccaHR offers a free plan, forever. No credit card required.
    If you need more functionality than our free plan offers, you can opt to go for the paid plan. To learn more about the plans' features and limits, see our pricing page.

Build meaningful relationships — on autopilot.

From virtual coffees to peer learning and mentoring, yuccaHR has everything you need to build strong relationships and drive success in your organization. Try yuccaHR today and see how to take your team engagement to the next level.

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Increased engagement
Virgin Pulse, 2021
Less talents lost
Gallup, 2021
Higher revenue
Forbes, 2021

The benefits of engaged employees


Social connections with our colleagues makes all the usual politics, challenges, and day to day ups and downs easier to navigate and thrive in. Get the chance to do what you’re best at with someone you enjoy spending time with.

Having a sense of belonging and feel welcome and part of the team is fundamental to our wellbeing. Not feeling left out at work results in higher engagement and increased motivation to bring value to the organization and the people around you.

Share experiences to support both the personal and professional development of you and your teammates.


Highly engaged employees work smarter and provide valuable outcomes to achieve your long-term business goals. Organizations with an engaged workforce also have 4x higher revenue than low-engagement companies.

Valuable customer experiences are more likely to happen with employees who are more engaged and connected with your organization and its values.

Satisfied and motivated people show greater employee loyalty and retention, which results in cost reduction, increased productivity and a stronger company culture.