Connect & engage your people
Match employees through Microsoft Teams to encourage casual conversations for a professional impact, regardless of when, where, and how they work.
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The way we work
is transforming ✨

Interactions with our immediate team are strengthening with remote work, but interactions outside of that team are diminishing.
New (Hybrid) Work
Hybrid work is inevitable - with flexibility in when, where, and how people work.
Company Culture
The shared vulnerability of this time provides an opportunity to bring real authenticity to company culture.

Boost productivity with a connected workplace

Casual conversations create a strong culture by continuesly sharing the vision, mission, and values of the organization, and stimulates collaboration and creativity through knowledge sharing.

How it works

Increase retention with integrated new hires

Make new hires feel welcome and part of the team and organization by creating moments that matter. This acclimates new employees to their role and the culture of the organization. Excellent onboarding experiences promote higher motivation and engagement, and result in higher loyalty and retention.

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Increased engagement
Virgin Pulse, 2021
Less talents lost
Gallup, 2021
Higher revenue
Forbes, 2021

The benefits of engaged employees


Social connections with our colleagues makes all the usual politics, challenges, and day to day ups and downs easier to navigate and thrive in. Get the chance to do what you’re best at with someone you enjoy spending time with.

Having a sense of belonging and feel welcome and part of the team is fundamental to our wellbeing. Not feeling left out at work results in higher engagement and increased motivation to bring value to the organization and the people around you.

Share experiences to support both the personal and professional development of you and your teammates.


Highly engaged employees work smarter and provide valuable outcomes to achieve your long-term business goals. Organizations with an engaged workforce also have 4x higher revenue than low-engagement companies.

Valuable customer experiences are more likely to happen with employees who are more engaged and connected with your organization and its values.

Satisfied and motivated people show greater employee loyalty and retention, which results in cost reduction, increased productivity and a stronger company culture.

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